Why Me???


Why Me? Is the only question that lingers around me.

Why Me? Coming into this world in 1992.

Why Me? My mother is the only parent I knew.

Why Me? Still believing in dreams that never come true.

Why Me?  Learning from other peoples deciet and lies just to get by.

Why Me? It never worked when I tried.

Why Me? Learning the hard way to tell the truth.

Why Me? Even though Im always getting lied to.

Why Me? Going threw so much hurt and pain at a young age.

Why Me? If my mother didn't leave me would I still be the same.

Why Me? Taking on my mothers responcibility when she left us.

Why Me? I had to grow and change for my brothers.

Why Me? Making $7.15 a hour at 13 was my only way.

Why Me? Missing alot of days in High School I had to beg to stay.

Why Me? Missing out on my childhood and fun.

Why Me? I had no choice, my brother needed diapers and he was only One.

Why Me? Struggling for money and trying to improve my education.

Why Me? Praying really hard that i make it to graduation.

Why Me? Time goes by and I engaged in a relationship.

Why Me? I thought I knew him until I actually knew who I was dealing with.

Why Me? Domestic Violence is what I was dealiing with.

Why Me? Slapping and Punches is what I wasn't looking forward to.

Why Me? Bruises and scratches that I'm never gonna lose.

Why Me? It was Good Love and happy days until all the clouds turned blue.

Why Me? Trying to believe his love was true to me.

Why Me? Now I see and God has my Baby. 

Why Me? Moving to a new city with people that was Family.

Why Me? Ending that story because I thought they were Family.

Why Me? Why Me? Is what I use to ask Myself.

Why Me? I never had the answer.

Now when i ask Why Me.. I think of my Strength, Knowledge, and Charisma and I can say freely Why Me is what made Me.


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