Lover's Lament

Her eyes mask her emotions,
Her gaze, as cold as the Pacific ocean,

As she holds the knife,
He begs for life,

But she doesn't care,
Because life isn't fair,
Try to fight it if you dare,
Winning against it is truly rare,

But all alone she regains her humanity,
And realizes that she's losing her sanity from this calamity,
Now there's no going back to her amity,

Yes, now she is a full fledged killer,
The emptiness floods in and now nothing can fulfill her,

But still,
She cries,

Not for her sake,
But still she lies,
Although she's not being fake,
Because the love she once held for the boy was real,
Despite pretending that his cheating was no big deal,
At least now she knows what she really feels,
It has always been love for the boy,
Who's heart that she was never able to steal.


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