heavy hope can be hard to carry,

and an obscure future, dark and scary.

here without you,

why'd you go?

didn't tie the knot, nor tie the bow.

before you left,

you kissed my nose

caressed my face,

and I watched you go.

I didn't know,

how could I know.

it'd be the last,

I'd watch you go.

it's a rainy day,

a rainy day.

and I'm standing here,

above your grave.

and as i dance,

soft and slow.

with no company,

but a lonely crow.

I danced the way we had before,

around the room and out the door.

danced in the rain,

with tears on my face,

wishing you'd come,

and take their place.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



just a short story scene. any comments welcomed.

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