Ode to Speziale

Caught off guard;

Shock held silent grip;

A few sniffles emerged;

Red cups in a fence with a bouquet

Spelling the words

RIP Spez.

For the first time

Teachers sobed openly in front

Of stunned students

Who didn't know whether or even how

To comfort  those whom they thought were impenetrable

Until tragedy befell and left everyone at odds and ends.

Seniors stepped up first

With bittersweet memories 

Of a man they knew

And loved four years;

Of a man with good humor 

And passionate cheers;

Of a man they hoped would hand them

Paper keys to their future.

He wanted the day after

To proceed without an ounce of change

Yet he didn't realize

That nothing could ever be the same.

Letters written to his loved ones

Tear stained by grieving, touched souls

Trying to determine if they should

Stay strong for the sorrowful

Or let their own dams fail.

Gentle hush in every room

Tentatively pushed her home,

And on the way her heart stayed numb

Until she spotted a rival's note:

N & PV: United

Giving her the support

To let the tears flow.

Never will they forget Speziale;

A man of inspiration, will, and dedicatiin

To all who've met him

And will hear of his deeds

So long as PV stands. 



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