What Would You Do?

Tue, 09/08/2015 - 10:32 -- Aegis
I was born as a boy with two siblings,
Sisters - one elder and one not. 
Caught betwixt wise seams and frail childish dreams,
My life's become a young and deep thought. 
And as years have passed by I've observed,
The futility of my elder sister's admirers. 
And as time has kept passing the young one's been sassing,
And showing me what's bad of inquirer's. 
Now - I myself am not stupid,
Although I'm not the brightest of the bunch. 
But when I see a girl and decide to give her a whirl,
We make it much further than brunch. 
And yet here I am unaccomplished,
Failing and wronging my loves.
For although well maintained they just can't be contained,
Regardless of being bare or wearing gloves. 
It's not that I play with their hearts,
Or find some joy from breaking them too. 
I don't seek pained hearts nor misery torn to parts,
I simply want comfort in life when it's due. 
I endeavor to lift my friends up high,
When down low in pain they are trapped. 
But if I look in their eye when we are up in the sky,
They let go and fall 'fore Cupid's bow has snapped!
Please don't assume that I'm attractive,
I assure you nothing is further from true. 
But cursed I must be, cursed so that I can't see,
That my healing touch is a poison sky blue.
So what would you do if you were me?
Alone - lost and desperate for a lie. 
When out of the ground comes one wishing she were found, 
And you have a fire to send her high. 


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