Car Crash

Loving you was like;

 running all the red lights

Loving you was like being

Rear-ended; going airborne

through the windshield

because a seatbelt didn’t feel mandatory


Missing you was as if I was driving on cruise,

Coasting down the road, not realizing what I was missing

Missing you was forgetting my way home

Though I had been there a 1000 times


Losing you was like forgetting your

Belongings for a six-hour road trip

Losing you was like being on empty

When the city was just up ahead

Getting over you was like,

Coming to a hard stop

And gasping for air

As your chest hits the wheel

Getting over you was like,

Having a flat tire and no brakes

You are the accident that

Nobody believes will happen to them,

And by chance, you happened to me.

This is my reality


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