Blue Glass

Again, I'm here.

In the blue-glass-room.

Thoughts, as I see them,

are scribbles and tunes. 


In my heart grows wide valleys,

in my eyes grows green brush.

In my feelings are gold pastures,

in my past; willows and hush.


In the present, the glass is tinted,

and it's stained a pale blue.

In the future, hope is glinting,

for yellow and happy swoon.


On my shoulders, I and Grey,

My lonely fractal,

My lovely shade.

He haunts my rooms,

he haunts my hours.

He  haunts my dreams-night and day.


Lovely Blue-Room,

Your lonely colors,

keep the starlight and moon at bay.

I'm always laying here,

I'm always waiting here,

in the twilight between night and day.


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