A soul's coffin

Sat, 04/06/2013 - 23:28 -- Stormy

I was sixteen when I was stolen.
Taken from the life of those who loved me...
I know they still seek me.
I wandered through life never thinking too much,
I was being watched, I was desired, and then they took me.
I'm so far away now from my home...I dont know where I am.
These men used a living person to gain money,
They used a young virgin to get what they want.
I remember my hands being chained to a wall but my legs free,
They had to be...
When an unknown man entered me, not only did my body split in two
but my heart a well.
It as a pain that lasted the whole night, even when he was done
A pain I never wanted to experience again.
Blood boiled in every vain,
Like a flicker in every flame,
A piece of my soul cracked and gone.
But of course I remember that day, everyone remembers their first time...
Everyone remembers their fear...
I'm twenty now and still I am theirs.
For every man that uses me,
More money they gain.
Coins to touch my flesh,
And paper money to feel me...
Evil is man and I will never forget.
I feel like a cold stone whose constantly being hit by strong ways,
In the middle of no where,
Weak and nothing.
I will never be free.
Even if I returned, forever would I be afraid of men...of physical touching.
No, this is how I will die.
The men enjoy the girls who enjoy,
But I never pretend.
I would rather be punsihed in hope that I would die.
I no longer want to live.
Death is never the worse thing, living in misery is.
When it happens, I have my hair over my face so that when I look up there is nothing there,
Even though I can feel it happening.
My skin is cold because my heart no longer beats with warmth,
These men are rocks, and I am but a thin leaf they fall against.
I've heard of hell, and I think earth is just a part of it with these men as its demons.
I envy those who are now dead or escaped to their homeland,
I will remain hee until I die.
I wonder when that is...I pra for it to come soon...all the time.
I am skin, bone, and blood...I have a soul and emotions,
No human should ever be violated such like this.
I can no longer scream it feels,
My lungs have shriveled and fallen like the autumn leaves,
Pressing against the coming winter ground,
I never speak, there is nothing to say.
Sometimes I hold my breathe,
Feeling the pleasure of near-death,
But they always stop me.
I will never be free,
I am a slave for beasts.
My body is just a vessel,
A coffin for my soul,
And with every crack and cut,
Some parts of my soul fly away
But when we my entire soul be finally be free...?


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