The Demons Within Me


United States
34° 41' 44.8656" N, 82° 17' 27.294" W

Heart thrumming
Blood pulsing
Mind racing
Thoughts raging
Demons pounding
At my door
Becoming one of them
Once more.

Veins throbbing
Eyes sobbing
Nose dripping
Pain ripping
Through my body
Poison flowing

Fingers fumbling
Foot drumming
What is it
That I'm becoming?
Monsters laughing
Calling names
I'm falling for their
Tricks and games.

Monsters hurting
Demons cutting
Can't control the
Blood that's running
Gasping, thrashing
Holding on
Failing, dying
Not so strong.

Can't control
The things I'm feeling
Can't control that
I'm kneeling to
The demons writhing
Deep inside
This body that
Once was mine.

Eyes are sinking
Ears are ringing
Skin is melting
Away with my soul
Becoming something
I can't imagine
Now mind and body
Forever cold.


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