The Wrong Choice

I am alone.

Or, am I really?

What hides in the shadows?

Is my fear truly gone?


I have flown through many ways,

Speeding the only test I know.

I move wrong, but I can't back-track,

Was it wrong all along to go?


I'm on the ground, like a fallen leaf,

How many pages of this story can go?

I struggle, but I can't get up,

Can I fight this war on my own?


When I left, I was off for excitement.

A new life from my own.

How many days of mistake have I made?

How many more can be born?


Each day feels like a hundred,

Each minute ticks by like a year

Or is the clock just stopped?

Is it my beating heart I hear?


It must be the clock going on.

Does my heart even beat?

Is there anything left in my body, 

Except for mistake and defeat?


The war is over, isn't it?

Was I even a good warrior?

I didn't even fight in it.

My loneliness hurts more and more.


I walk the empty battlefield.

The dying and deceased are left.

I don't see my own body,

Is it even in death's nest?


No, I'm back, I'm pure again,

My fear has returned once more.

It's better than anything I had seen.

All the death never was,

Not anymore.

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