Sail Away (Pt. 1)


Cruise through the blues.  Through the desperation.

Through the bruised times and the glued decorations.

Let the tune keep playin'.  No more record breakin'.

I got room in my mind, dude, I left it vacant.

Bad news when the truth is that I left them waitin'.

But I'm back and I won't lose when I get to racin'.

You could say that I grew; not from meditation.

All your negatives are strewn, like you stretch the hatin'.

I've taken your time, but I'll give it all back.

Reveal the eyes hidden under baseball caps.

Smiles given from my face, what would you call that?

Keep neglecting happiness and you'll fall flat.

You may find you're in the bathroom stall, trapped,

Locked from the bad world, like you said the wrong crap.

Your life's good, but you're tryin' to fill a small gap.

Your only way of joy is dreams during long naps.


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