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i still sit around waiting for the day that you reach out.  even if it’s as simple as an update about your dog or your sister.  but if that day never comes 
Be brave enough to walk awayAnd don't look backBe brave to say goodbyeBe brave enough to go your wayBe brave not to tell a lie.
Lisa starred as Wednesday Addams in "The Addams Family".When I say she was talented, I'm sure that people will agree.She also starred in "Fantasy Island", "Barnaby Jones" and "As The World Turns".
Be brave enough to walk away And don’t look back Be brave to say goodbye Be brave enough to go your way Be brave not to tell a lie.
My love when you leave When you walk away It's my moon vanishing It's my sun disappearing I do not eat
Eu ingurgitei Sua decisão Estou indo embora A mansão
Tragué Su decisión Me voy La casa Yo acepté
I swallowed Your decision I’m leaving The mansion
It hurts so much That I now fear nothing It hurts so much That I revisited everything Under the noon
                                                        Children already grown Kisses already forgotten Plants already flowered Flowers already burgeoned
Des enfants déjà grandis Des baisers déjà oubliés Des plantes déjà fleuries
Nou pa konnen Lè nou di orevwa Paske demen Se pou sèlman Bondye nan syèl la Nou pa konnen Si se pa yon dènye vizyon
Noi non sappiamo Quando ci salutiamo Perché domani Appartiene solo a Dio in cielo Noi non sappiamo
Nous ne savons pas Quand nous disons adieu Parce que demain N'appartient qu'à Dieu Nous ne savons pas
Nós não sabemos Quando dizemos adeus Porque amanhã Só pertence a Deus no céu Nós não sabemos Sobre o último olhar
We do not know When we say goodbye Because tomorrow Only belongs to God in the sky
"Hello, is there anybody there?" I can't ease the pain, I can't get on my feet again, when nothing inside remains,
Wir kommen Wir wandern Und wir gehen Das ist alles was wir wissen.   Wir kommen auf die Erde
Nou vini Nou flannen Epi nou pati Se tout sa nou konnen.   Sou latè nou vini
We come We roam And we go That’s all we know.   We come on earth We roam, we surf
Hate to let you goOur life till now has beenhigh drama in a showWe both have given up ontrying to make things right,all we do is fight,stuck in a hopeless plight.I wish you wouldn’t go
Donna, donna che ho tanto amato Oh ! Ci sono diverse primavere fa Che il tempo fosse bello E il vento fischiava basso e lento
He starred in an episode of "18 Wheels Of Justice".He died ten years ago today and his name was Chris.He starred in a movie that is titled "Stunts Unlimited".His fans were sad when they learned that he was dead.  
When a person dies so young, I have to ask why.I still miss you as each day passes by.When my brother told me how sick you were, he told me face to face.He didn't want to tell me over the telephone so he came to my place.
The truth is It should've have been me and you We're just alike And make up for the differences I met a lot of women But she was the one They say you know and when you meet them
He was a great actor but now he's gone.He starred in seven movies as James Bond.Connery was awesome in every role that he played.He gave a terrific performance in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade".  
Saint Agnes is what my mom should be called.When she died, I was both saddened and appalled.I admire women homemakers more than women who work because Mom was a homemaker.
Not very often a stranger becomes an integral part of our lives Is there a better illustration of this truth than the pandemic Corona Eight billion people of world are facing every day, every hour, every minute
You were without doubt the best dog I've ever had.Your death has broken my heart and I'm very sad.When I named you Agnes, I named you after my late mother.I was your owner and you and I had a lot of love for one another.
It's with great sadness when I say that we won't see her anymore.Lena died in March of 2020 and she was born in March of 1944.She is survived by her husband who is my Uncle James.
Been thinking too much about you And its filling me with dread My soul is screaming for its mate Cant silence the noise in my head You cut me deep once before Im still trying to stop the bleeding
Dreams that taste like memories, My tonuge twists in my mouth. I feel your hand caress my cheek. You catch a falling tear and wipe it, gently, away. But your kiss is sterile, empty bland.
This had always been the plan Erasing every last memory No one would remember Except for those who chose To remember everything  
Feathers scatter in the wind, But they’re merely the thoughts of doubt. I let them go with the rest. Continuing on like always.   That crimson-colored sky
Walking away He turned a new chapter Behind my back I hear a sobbing laughter Hold back your tears Tighten your fist Don’t show her your scared I don’t need to look
Set the table, wash the dishes, Pour the water, say the prayer. You bury every worry because you know it’s not yours to bare. Keep a quarter in your pocket, sure to make us smile
I’ll know they’re the one When they walk away But don’t feel done  So I’ll turn back, and so will they  To catch another glance  Hope ones eyes will lock with the other  Taking the chance 
Hard to say goodbye to you  But this is the only word, that I can say to you  After all the happiness and tears with you all along  A big step in my life that I have to do    Letting you go away in my life
You’re not here anymoreto laugh at my stupid jokesand say “I love you”to make me feel specialor loved in any way.You’re not here anymoreto make me breathethe air that you’ve become to me
Do you remember the days, the nights, the adventures we always used to share? Flying away on wings of laughter that were built on mutual care. Five good friends and lots of fun was all I used to need.
My grandmother and his father were first cousins, and that made us related.When he died on the 3rd of June, his death wasn't something that I anticipated.When a person dies, it's something that people hate.
He died 25 years ago today, which is a quarter of a century.He produced 'Never Say Never Again' with Sean Connery.He was born in 1932 and was a man who people would admire.
a generic ringtone, a sound foreign to this 2am hour a beat as we freeze, glancing down, and then up "hello?" a motion towards the bottle clink, pour, swallow "things aren't looking too good" a pause
You were my big brother though we weren't blood, Through everything you always came through,  Now that you are gone my tears begin to flood,  Wished I could've said goodbye, who would've knew? 
There's a darkness in my veins, I hadn't noticed before. as I stare at my hands, I feel so lost, unsure. I must have stared for hours, for when I did look up. I saw the dark before me.
she’s beautiful with curlers in her hair she’s giddy as her nails are painted my big sis 7 years difference she's the perfect example child
    It isn’t something that’s mine anymore yet I crave it  The warmth on my cheeks that I felt when your eyes looked past mine into my butterflies    Well now it’s cold
I see you in every angry fight, every bruise, and in every goodbye that is never said.   ~awatr
I spent every waking minute thinking of you. And when I shut my eyes at 3am? There you were again.   ~awatr
Your eyes were like a tired sunset,Shining with a soft amber light,Seeing the beauty in even the ugliest of things.
O Sis, could I love thee like no other. For before my young eyes only squinted, A face inoffensive to our mother. I was, but a statue: black and minted.   Did not my ears think or care to listen
How different it is to go from one place and be so invisible, then to come to another and suddenly be the bell-of-the-ball.
How different it is to go from one place and be so invisible, then to come to another and suddenly be the bell-of-the-ball.
Life is so unsettled Oftimes it is this way Goodbyes are the hardest Of things we have to say - And as we get older Our love ones gather near Goodbyes become harder But time together dear
Arthenia was my aunt and she was as kind as she could be.She was a loving mother and wife who lived in Sneedville, Tennessee.She was appreciated by her husband and the three children that she had.
They told me about you. You always came to me in the end.   The end.   “Keep writing poetry, Erin,” my Literature teacher told me At the end of the fall semester.   The end.  
I am ready to leave this place. Forget about everyone. Pack up and disappear.   I am tired of the memories. That linger around every corner. Of the meaningless routine.
Quickly now, Sign away the money you didn't earn. Designate it's destination before you receive it. It won't be enough. And it won't bring her back.
I wanted him to stay. But Time would not allow it For he does not trust me. Not anymore. As I am a creature of hell. I know no death nor life. Only pain.
My blade is tainted red and it doesn't help when you shout. i wish that i were dead  so just put me in the ground.     i'm done with stars and banners, i'm done with tear drops too.
He tasted like mangosi couldn't place it until the next daywhen his lips were no longe
You will leave me, we will part, We will bid our last goodbyes.  There will be lonely nights, And days of missing, But not now.  Because right now I am here, And you are here In my arms.
The hallway was quiet.
to the boy I once loved, sometimes i think that even the pain of dying isn't as unbearable  as the feeling of your heart shattering  into a million pieces   i'd rather experience the sensation
Dear ED, or should I call you by your real name? Anorexia. Oh, how far we go back. I have written this letter in my head hundreds of times to you but I've never had the guts... (Ha! the irony)
Dear Him, Your eyes shine so bright, Just as the stars in the sky. I remember the night, You had said good bye. The sparkling sun gleamed down, As I replay the memories;
Dear Josh,   I know a goodbye is due And I understand that you’re sad too. But my heart is breaking at the seam,
Will you ask me to stay?   I don't know what went wrong, We were supposed to last long. I tried my very best, But you ended up just like the rest.
Looking back to the words I never say, I realize now that it will never matter either way, Whether you hear them now or not, I've finally made it through the rut,  
I write this poem To my grandmother A sister, a friend, A wife, A mother   The sweetest being One could know An uplifting spirit If you were low   She wore that smile
    Letter Poem- Dear Best Friends   Hey! How have you guys been? I’m sorry we all couldn’t keep in touch.
alone at night the fire rumbles  pushing hard to burst to life  spark of light in frozen jungle  virgin paper unstained by eye   precision folds urged to display  quiet letters hidden from sight 
To my father— I addressed this with “to,” Because “dear” felt wrong. It’s hard to call someone “dear” With a history like ours.
Outside my window The last leaves left clinging to a tree Blowing against the bright sky are triumphant still   Fluttering relentlessly like one hundred starlings  Practicing to take flight
Oh, how these past few months have been filled with tears. Losing you was by far one of my biggest fears. You made me face it, with your sadistic, evil ways. And now we haven't spoken in days. Thank you,
Dear Darling,   It's been almost a year now, but your voice is still with me even if you no longer are. Conversations averted, eyes meeting from across the room,
My Dear Mr. Goodbye,   I never wanted to let you go, I never wanted to see you run. I know that I held on far too long. I knew when you were already done.   I refused to ever believe
There was a girl with long blonde hair And dark blue eyes as deep as the sea. There was a girl who feel in deep and fell in love with me.  But it was time to say goodbye because we always seemed to cry
  Dear Lover, Because I love you, I let you walk all over me. I forgave your infidelity. I gave you my heart. You replaced it with yours.
Where did you go my friend? You left me all alone in the cold Your reasons I cannot comprehend My feelings and thoughts I put on hold We had each other once again Old friends comforting our pain
I know it's over even though it never really began...   I know it's gone, with no chance of ever coming back.   But in my head and my heart, it was so real.  
Today, I watched you leave, and I could not find it in me to breathe.  As you left I began to think about what we could be and it was not until today that I realized, we were meant to be. 
She was my sweet Lovely Queen... And she deserved nothing but the best... She shouldn't have accepted nothing less... And here I was so very very Blessed... At times giving her a sweet soft caress...
I can think of a million ways to say goodbye but Saying so long to you was the hardest thing to do. I never thought I would have to say it to you.
Our laughter  And smiles  Follow me like ghosts  
I walk through the halls of the memories of my life Wondering if I had done everything I could to make it all right.
Please be safe. Darling a life without you is a life I don't even want to try to live. But I will for a little while. At least untill you retern. My heart cries,
Hello, dear friend, I am writing to you tonight rather than speaking Because goodbyes are too hard, And I know you’re already gone.      I’ll be crying on the bathroom floor,
Well...I have written all the letters. So I guess this is goodbye forever, or at least until I am better. This mental state that I am in... I can't even begin. I hope that the next time you see me
My biggest fear Is to one day never see someone again And to never know what ever happened to them Whether they remember me If they ever became the person they dreamed If they decided to pack up and move
Hello. You were wearing a red coat under the blazing heat of the sun that day. You were running past them, past everything, too.
Love is not about money The words you have been uttered But the main thing  You connects with me Is all about the money You call me You said you miss me But seasonal to say "I love you"
I hear the news It's life changing fate It brings the blues Yet, I can not negate       To break many mends I feel it's to soon It's going to end, But I may bloom  
Iced caramel coffee spills on my shirt As I maneuver the key to open the door to my happiness   Lights flicker on as they warm up The glow highlights center stage  
Looking outside my window Through sorrowful eyes The sky tells me its’s time Gathering my strength I walk into the cold The sun decides to hide Behind thick ashen clouds
The time has come To end the suffering Of those I love Becoming weaker each day My body corroding away Confided to this bed My life is ending The only reason I am alive
Robert Vaughn was married for forty-two years and had two children.He starred in many movies and TV shows and he stood five feet ten.He was the proud father of a daughter and a son.
  In love, an infatuation, as deep and rich as love can ever get… but I couldn’t make any words come out. I had trouble breathing.
What do I do He's here He's gone A friend of olden time; The loss Is great. Goodbye dear friend.  
So, i heard your name yet again, today. Yep. Still got that sour taste and rotten smell that lingers well after you're gone. Oh, fuck you. Wait. That's all you ever wanted. I’m suppose to forgive you.
I have to say goodnight to my beautiful stars. I'll walk away, but you'll always be in my heart. I hear you calling my name. I hear your message clear. But I'm here on the ground. Too far to respond.
I used to say that "love" was not a strong enough word to describe my feelings but that it would do for now. I could go through the dictionary and look up a hundred synonyms to describe the feeling when I looked at him. Adore
  Funny, isn't it? How the more the days pass by, the heavier your essence weighs on my shoulders? I shut my eyes and see you, Feel you, Sense every aspect of you,
They stopped saying goodbye. The kisses, laughs, and shared moments disappeared without warning. “I found someone else,” she whispered. “I know,” he said back. She got up and left.
I suppose I would like You to know that I am sorry. That’s how all apologies and the like are supposed to begin, With that admission of guilt or regret or something that tastes like bile
I didn't know  Until now That you  Were gone It took me Six months To find out And I was Speechless I had nothing To say I didn't cry But somehow
I think. I cry. I cut. I die. But you don’t even care; That I’m not here anymore. You can tell me that I suck, But that won’t change the fact,
And I watched as you went As you slowly slipped from one existence  Into another  I held your hand and wished  That you had the strength to squeeze it again That soft, gentle squeeze that screamed
You were an awesome actor but I regret to say that you died twenty years ago.First, you were Doctor Who and later you were Worzel Gummidge the Scarecrow.You died of a heart attack in your sleep.
I was walking, alone down the road. Last time i was walking down this road it was with you. I'm listing to music, our song is on. Last time i listed to this song was the day we broke up. 
  The early morning found us sitting on your tattered, burgundy, mattress cover. Me, focused and writing. You, scatterbrained and distracted. You reminded me of our lives at seven.
Voices call my name, their words riding on the wind 
I don’t mind that we went our separate ways it was bound to happen anyway I don’t mind the awkward feeling when we’re with mutual friends
For a chance to get a glimpse of one of the most significant times in my life, and look into eyes of hazel to recognize an enigma soul.
I froze as time left, the smile of her’s so sweet smile I kept. I saw her walk away goodbye, I tried reaching but couldn’t fight. I was frozen in time.
Can't this all just be a dream? It'd like life's playing a cruel joke I just want you here with me No matter how bumpy the road 
Saying goodbye to him was the hardest because goodbye was our first and only kiss. Goodbye was before graduation Goodbye was made early and before many things could happen.
I missed you again today I've been doing this thing where I refrain from thinking about you until about the worst possible time in the day to break down When I'm dipping in the pool for the beginning of practice 
We cry adieu, the red-haired vulturecrys not a tear, for all is spentits heart is rent, all hidden treasureNevermore to gleam in warmth of light
It's hard to say hello After you say goodbye When the days are mellow What's the point to even try   The chances I missed All the times that we kissed Everything we did I thought real
All my life I have hid behind a smile I laugh and smirk and smile when on the inside I am slowly dying I look back on my life and feel nothing, but regret
Dear best friend, Please stop liking my Facebook posts. We stopped being friends for a reason. I don't want you on my news feed. Please, don't get pissed. You were the one who ended it.
I still remember the young girl with the braids in her hair, Living her life freely without a care anywhere, Playing double dutch and hopscotch at the park, Tripping and falling creating scars and marks,
When love fades White clouds will turn grey Storms will come All promises will go away   Goodbye, goodbye Farewell heart Hey common sense
And now you're gone, Just like a petal torn off a flower after a gust of strong wind. The wind of life carried you away while you were still sweet.. Goodbye. Your aroma still lingers, lavender.
My heart left where we would meet
Through my eyes I see you
Life is like a train,
I remember when our connection had its first break: I changed so sudden, and the whole time I was feeling your heart break. It was a pain so strong that sometimes I still feel your heartache.
Stare away into the mist
There are some things that slowly but surely cease to exist
With shaken hands
And to the tie dye I walk upon the tie dye day and on the day of dye and tie I'm not sure if i died or tied but tried  alas I tried. A note with particles of sleep deprived
I lay my blade down 
We left town before it woke. Before dawn could caress the sky in in shades of orange and pink, before the road became an amalgation of noise and movement. The stars having been plucked from the sky, the dark blanket of night hid our exuent.
You all
He says, "don't you love me?" I say, "I don't know," I thought so at first, But now that we've grown, People will change, For bad or for worse, But growing apart,  Now that always hurts,
You left a residue of memories
Here I sit all alone No one to talk to No one to relate to Wishing that one day I won't have to feel sad One day, maybe I'll find someone to love me Or just maybe be alone forever.
A stab in the heart from the blade you called love You said sweet things to my face then turn around and switched up Whats real & whats fake? In this time I couldn't tell
There is so much more to this than the outside eye can see No one could ever understand just how much you actually mean to me It was you that I ran to those cold late nights
It's YOU! It's always been YOU! The one I run to when my life is a mess The one that with a single smile kills all of my stree Your the curve in my smile, the glow in my skin
  I don't know what to do.
You look Into my eyes and I can see the scorn grow on your face like the darkness onto day you look at me, but it's not me who you see you see the a man a man who you no longer know 
She had sadness in her eyes Everyday of her life, And no one knew why.   They didn't know The memories that haunted her Each and every day Of her short life.  
Happiness and Joy errupt like a geyser at Yellow Stone,
You may have it all, With your lovely eyes and bashful smile, But all of you won't matter in a while. I've given in to the greater good, And it's time to let it be understood.  
when we leave this place that we call home what will be left behind? 
Every answer is a lie, Every night it all unfolds. Only when I'd rather die Is when the truth is told.   Every answer is one I hide, It scares me more than you know Because when I search,
There is no way to communicate     or describe The heart-wrenching pain     the feeling of loss and being lost         and the fear that comes     rushing back     every time
"I love you" becomes "It's over" "Let's move on" And, the worst, "Goodbye". The world I stood on top of Caves in, Crumbles, And falls. Sweet kisses turn into bitter words
I am from colonial style homes, From Sunday morning church and Bible study Wednesdays. I am from the fall leaves on the driveway. (Various oranges, glowing, It tasted like apple spice pie.)
Tears don't mean sad or pain, Isn't even flow from wounded heart... Tears are way to express joy and sad... Emotion charged when fervently warmed... In Very sad or Ecstatic joy, 
I don't know what I'm doing here.
The pounding in my head won’t go away The rush, the high, flying None of it will go away The rush, the rush, it’s supposed to end The night over, the day breaking --but fuck that why end it early?
Oh my darling, please don’t Don’t let depression sear your heart I know it’s hard to say goodbye But sometimes friends must part  
They say that opposites attract,   Like the times I would sit on her lap,   Rest my head against her chest   And listen to the beat of her heart,  
Tears sliding down my face, People stare, But I don't care. Dear ol friend, Left without little goodbye, Tomorrow being a big day, Now gone.
To my desire,   As I look over these words that I’ve wasted on you, I realize that I’m only causing the forests’ destruction. Why should I care if you don’t love me?
The guard is up No one can get in No one can see what I feel I don't want to see your face with pity clear upon it.   I built this guard many years ago When you shattered my heart
You strum the strings of m
There's regret and remorse then trying to forget and move foward, but all of this time I'm thinking...
The summer begins, fresh taste on my tongue. New shoes on my feet, hair blowing in the wind. New girls, new boys, fresh heart, trust. Walking by the beach, talking by the docks. My heart starts longing to see him.
You're like a faded memory, A distant dream, A long lost needle in the hay. I remember when you were my world. My everything, The rock beneath my feet. But,
Eventually it gets old You get tired of arguing just to have a conversation Your throat is still sore from yelling at the top of your lungs just to make sure your voice is heard
First impression Seems to be the best But why do I find it So hard to rest Late night thoughts  On my mind Its those same thoughts That take all the time Is time running out
 1 Roses are red Violets are blue  your curtins are opend  and im watching you     2  Twinkle Twinkle little star i want to hit you with my car 
To leave everything you have known Is simply the continuation of Life. We live like everything is for sure, When everything comes as a fight.
When I said goodbye to you today I knew it was for the last time When I told you I love you I meant it with all of my heart When I told you to remember me I wish you would have asked where I was going
I guess I didn't know how to love myself. The things you said you saw... I always did think you were delusional. For I am not beautiful, I am not worthy of Want.
Goodbyes are the hardest things...
In just a few hours, I'll be on my way. London will greet me, By the end of today.   Mommy, I love you, And I hate to say goodbye, So I will see you later, And please don't cry.  
You cross my mind everyday But the pain is too much to bear I wonder if you think of me Or if you even care
This is our time. This is our year. We have nothing left to fear. This is our chance. To show the world. What we’ve been fighting for.   This is our chance. We get to shine.
On tuesdays,  We went to the movies. And I wouldn't trade a dime,  To have worked those nights,  Instead of eating popcorn.    In June,  We went to the beach.  And the heat of the sand, 
These hands, that you once held I gave away to the wind because at least they know how to hold something
You have become an anonymous figure synonymous with: lean lines and shallow dips,Hard firm muscles and sexy dark lips.
Hi, I hope you’re doing pretty fine dear, I really do, Time has passed, and I haven’t hear anything about you, I decided it this way, and I’m not complaining though.  
I am going away. My time of departure is nearing. But I very much want to stay.   Will I be happy to go? Nay, I will miss dearly what I am leaving. I am going away.  
I’ll rather die then live a life barely alive
I’m sitting on a piano bench in an orange ruffly top while my mother freezes the moment on film. I move to an ugly green chair under flickering florescent lights while a declension is written on the white board.
I never wanted to write this poem. But I have to because when I look at you, I see someone I don’t know. When you look at me, your eyes are dead. You used to have this spark, this twinkling flame in you.
Would you go back to the start with me? Just for tonight, would you erase our history and the things we said and everything we did and became? Would you take tonight with me and pretend we’re meant for each other?
3 Kinds of Love
I wasn't prepared for this I wasn't prepared to have to grow up so fast Being 18 and not even knowing how to drive has taken a toll on me Being 18 and not even knowing how to be confident and independent has angered me
I could feel her soul fading, her temperature dropping, and her heart beating one last beat. 
I crave 'goodbye' a word I never heard, only felt. somehow I think the sound of it would have brought a peace rather than the histrionics of the fade out. I crave the clear cut
Perhaps you can see, How perfect you are for me, Even though you are taken.   You’re one of a kind, Although to me you are blind, It is obvious how much you love her.  
I wanted to give in My body screamed for mercy, My sanity barely gripped in a fist clenched tight I had to stay! I had to fight! I promised them I would try They needed me to make this go away
By the light of day an angel was born The heavens cried,Amen!
One of my old poems:  My heart grows colder My body grows harder My hair grows longer The days grow darker   Look back and find I'm standing alone again And I come to discover
The caps fly up After we cross the stage 
After nine long, strenuous months their eyes finally meet. She can’t resist but to cradle her in her arms.
It seems like only yesterday I was waking up to your "good morning" texts.
I always knew this day would come. Goodbye was never so hard before. New days are calling, my dreams still young.
Maybe it’s time for me to step back, Forget get the good times, let go of the past. I don’t think I’m welcomed anymore, I think it’s time to walk out the door.   I’m sorry I had to hurt you all this way,
Goodbye to those I once knew, those that will remain are a few, for the train is reaching its destination, and the time to descend has come. To the passengers that have left, you have made an impact,
  It was an instant goodbye I began to cry I lost a friend  Oh Dear God, why?  
I left my house, a night, now long past
She whispered so softly,"Your future is so bright,"My heart sank deep, but remained feeling light.I look her dead in the eyes and say"bright and light are the darkest things in my sight
Goodbye Such a strange word, Goodbye We say it all the time But yet we think nothing of it.
almost fell face-forward had they not held us back, crying because it hurt and made our bodies ache,
We are gathered here, you and I To study the strange nature of the unyielding sky. Spanned across our unimaginative eyes, pensively awaiting tomorrow, with all its potential for joy and sorrow.
As senior year draws to an end I look at each and every friend  some moving away  some planning to stay we will all move on  to start our lives on our on to break some family ties 
Cameras are flashing Smiles are from ear-to-ear Heart rates increase Tears shed down one's face The sounds of the applause send waves in one's ear Class of 2014 The day finally came.    
  There once was a girl who had the world wrapped around her finger tips. She was a beauty, a goddess in fact.  Earth was her thrown. She had opportunities all around her
The day seniors wait for, to finally step out the door. onto the pedestal of the world who could want more? Twelve years of prison since most were five, up to this day that ends this painful job.
It's the bubbly feelings. It's the cuddling in front of the fire. It's total understanding. It's the emotion that will never retire. It's pain and desperation.
If I could ask a simple favor, from memories I simply savor, I would change my history,
Is it really that hard to respect that I have my limits too? I do not choose to live my life to please a man like you. Feel free to continue to shout and yell, I think I’ll take my leave.
One dream for my future, To take care and nurture,
I loved everything about you, I still do, You have all of me, And I want all of you, But the world keeps us apart, They don't understand us, They can't accept you like I do,
I left you by the riverbed In a place where none can see I'll never forget what you said as I watched you drift out to sea   We began our journey together tethered by our fates
Water raced down my window paneAnd all I envisioned was the partitionStemming from the trunk of a treeIt was solemn and it was poignant
I never thought I would come this far, It has been a struggle these past thirteen years. Finally, all I hear is cheers. This is my year.   It is the new year,  A new me, everyone can see.
I am on the edge holding to my... breath. My movements are slow... scattered...broken, smashed pain throbs--- My mind is thumping... blood, bled through me. My body is hurt.
This is see you later, not goodbye. Back then I believed my own lie. Words of comfort, words of hope. Then life came in and was all like, nope.
What is loss? Loss is always difficult to manage While all who grieve Are at a Disadvantage We must not misconceive
She is marvelous.  Her dark coat glistens with love, shimmers with brilliance. Her eyes, dark with wonder, are brightened through learning. And she moves.  It is as if her legs know no limits. 
  The livened blue tinted with gray, I had no idea what you'd mean to me. Those eyes so bright caused me to stray,
See you soon (to Clare and Magdalene) By: Darlyn C. Lojero    
One year, five months and six days. the question remains: will she stay?  
I've had it up to here with relationships gone south I can no longer stay, you're a toxic taste in my mouth If you put in for me all I had put in for you I wouldn't be here, I'd still love you too
From this distance, The outline of her is only visible. Time has made a small impact, But her coldness has caused the gap   I call her name, Only to see her respond to another.
Going through the motions, never to know Time is passing in an endless loop The pattern is broken only by the last stroke The time has come, the last bell rung A lugubrious gathering, the show of an end
It's 7:40 in the morning, Time travels, time flies. Walking down the hallway, with English on my mind.
I am through with this game
Time has held a place in her mind But it moves too quickly now Love has found a place in her heart But it's too painful to bear anymore Happiness has linked with her soul But it never lasts forever
White, white, white all around, Everywhere you go,  It's boring from wall to ground. This is not a hospital, This is a school. We need color, We need expression, We have creativity,
So what if this is the end? What if this is goodbye? What if fire starts to ravagely roar from the sky? This is it for our memories we've made in our lives. So stop thinking about the future, and listen to me now.
The flavor dances to the tip of my tongue; Of the luscious sweetness of the first hello; Biting at the first taste what life has strung; And spitting out my past below.   My first hello of my new career;
Fifteen, my body curved like a question mark as you delegate my presence to your fingers like a Jesus prayer. 
You think of me day and night, To you I am perfect, You see nothing but me. But I see you in a different light, I see now who you truly are, I can see your uncultivated soul.
Back to the pen and paper to write this last chapter. A year ago life as I knew it came to an end. You don’t need a summary, you know… But what you don’t know is how I have dealt, Or rather not…
A smile,  A wave, Worthwhile?  Mama always said be brave, But Mama's gone away, Sleeping forever now, And my worlds gone astray.  I mask the pain with a bow,  A courtsey little known, 
I noticed you leave as it rained yesterdayWiping the last of your paw prints awayI joined with the sky as the heavy drops fellNow my windshield is bare and my heart is as wellI got home from school and waited for you
Flowing through my classeswalking down the hallspeople start their laughingso I look down as I walkI pity classless filthy trashThat's just the way I feelSometimes I shatter like glass
I walk the halls that grow increasingly familiar Yet at the same time, recognition becomes harder These faces? These people? Strangers. As the years go by, the ones I know  Disappear.
Seven thirty-five already? Here, let me just press "snooze" It's time to get up and go learn logarithms for moles I'll never use. School takes up one third of my day- soooo many hours.
Brother and Sister; So close in heart And dear in soul. Only a moment Took one from the other With no villain to hunt.
Even if only until tomorrow or even until next weekend it never gets easier.   You learn to cherish moments, memories, time. In the blink of an eye they leave.  
I hope you keep your door open I'll hope you continue hoping That life is so much more than this You will see this ain't a goodbye Since I'm telling you from now That I'll never, never forget you
A song for you. A song for me. A song to commemorate the past – the time spent together. A song to comfort me and guide me on my path to my future. A song to say goodbye;
I wasn’t good enough,  Didn’t care about your stuff,  Couldn’t measure up,  Looked at the half empry cup,  And decided it was half full,  Bought into the lies and all the bull, 
I am not a girl Who loses her head over- Some boy- who smiles at her-                just                      so. You caught me by suprise An emotional accident, anomaly
That was the last tear I’m ever shedding over you Cause all you’re ‘I love you’s Were never ever true   You never meant a single word you said Every single one was a damn lie
I don't wake up crying anymore. And I'm through trying. It's not that I've been lying. But you don't keep me up at night like you used to. And when the sun shines through my blinds I no longer
I was a PB&J kid. Yes, by that I mean  that I liked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches           But I also mean that I was, and still am,          An S Personality Type.
I long for a chance to know you again, the way I used to.. To know the dark echoes of your heart, and the pools of light that filled your eyes. I wish I could drown in your self loathing
The time is approaching, Summer breeze in the air Clocks are ticking, Yet we seem to not care Friends and parties are on our mind Unfortunately, not realizing, were running out of time
When I hear of a hurricane, that is when I will think of you. A force that drove me insane, and a little senseless too. I admit I didn't love, how easily you caught my eye.
  Pen Paper Black on white Flick of the wrist A moment’s goodbye Swimming in my own mind I can get lost in this world Other’s voices, other’s own ways
It doesn't seem like much, but it's been a lot. I've seen you a million moments, but it doesn't seem so true. Ijust wish for one more moment with you. Amillion goes by so fast,
There he is, My lifes torment, School bully. He walks past, Shoves my shoulder, I fall down into a locker. Inside the locker it is dank and dark,
Falling horizontalnow parallel with the A.M., dew drop, grassshovel on the blanketsof hearty, wholesomeearth.
Pen Paper Black on white Flick of the wrist A moment’s goodbye Swimming in my own mind I can get lost in this world Other’s voices, other’s own ways Broken art, puzzle, music – all pieces
Fast fleeing the world from whence i came,the only thing i regret is that of my name,My Final Goodbye will not be so easy,As to just float away on the first chance i get,I love you to much to ever leave,
Sitting on these cold, wet, muddy grounds. Nobody will ever know or feel this but me. Starring at the skies filled with stars, reminds me of the lightbugs back home. My heart beat gets stronger by the second.
How can we say farewell to he of alpha breedWho never came fourth with a selfish act of need?For this white wolf was strong as could be.Now finally the great wolf is set free.
These past few weeks have been strange, I can feel time pulling us in different directions. I'm ready for the change... I think. But goodbye, that's not yet prepared. I'd rather not say those words, because then it'll actually be real.
As the wind whips within my face. The cold sharp agonizing pain brings memories of disgrace.
  Why try  I try because I want something new. I try because what I wanted was you I try and try, but no longer I do I've stopped trying, but I still think of you. Why try
We've been so close, Yet never close enough. Memories linger on, But to forget is tough. We say goodbye, As in 'see you later', But this time I know There will be nothing greater.
Even flowers that give the sweetest scent Must one day wither away. But will you remember how strong they stood Before their ultimate decay?   The future seems full of many days
It's not about the ending It's about what happend in-between The walls are coming down The end is almost near To say goodby is a fear But to have been able to say hi, I'll always hold near
It's a law of physics what goes up must come down Everything that needs to happen  will some will die others will mourn But life will go on of this I'm sure   Goodbye isn't forever
  I think I want to stay forever And be leaving all the time. I want to keep changing in this familiar place Until I run to the edge and falter.   I want to leave at midnight
Rapid goodbyes said Traveling to new unknowns Car drives yet heart stays.
Grew up with a lot Obscure path I’ve taken Opportunities were astounding Dependence fleeted Bye to you all Yesterday is remembered  Every day from now on will be new Start of my next journey
Leaves of green are rustling in the wind But I sit inside and must rescind Everything I felt for you   Was it necessary to betray me I see now that I never will be The one who has your love  
I finally gave up, Gave in. Stopped lying to myself.   We weren't getting better, we never would.   Your insensitivity, Too much for my fragile heart.  
Sestina: A Sister's Farewell     Even on the weekends I find myself at home— Not with friends because being with my sister works. Our stories and adventures, at times, incite tears.
Sestina: A Sister's Farewell     Even on the weekends I find myself at home— Not with friends because being with my sister works. Our stories and adventures, at times, incite tears.
"Sam, call 911." my brother, 8 at the time, looks up at our dad. Sam's face is clouded with fear and confusion. "Right now Sam, call 911"
I just gave my valedictorian's speech. I just heard my name called. My friends, my family cheers wildly. I shake the principal's hand. I turn my tassel to the right. I am officially a high school graduate.
Before you go, can I tell you this. That you were blind and oblivious. Can't you see? That you were always a part of me. Don't you know? That I love you with my entire soul.
What could possibly be said to comfort those left behind? Everyone clings to thoughts of their own. But what would she actually say to those in this moment? You know she did not agree.
Our simple goodbyes were the wind Swirling around our clasped hands, Around your closed eyes, your chapped lips, Your balding head. It lingers in the room Until you can add to it no more.
Eighteen years, wow, it's almost here The moment we have looked forward to all our lives So close that we can reach it with the tips of our fingers Apprehensive, yet excited, we're starting our lives soon
I used to pray for times like this graduation day upon us the people we used to diss we miss the people that were a little different the ones who were a little less significant we wanna be there but we cant
I always saw the good in good bye Because I hated saying hello I knew that people’s duty in life was just to come and go.
Her breath is the tide Gently it roles in Swiftly it crashes away Those precious blue eyes Have become dual grey moons The canyons in her wrists Fill the puddle around her
Hello beautiful girl, That's all I can say to you, Cause tonight is our last night together, Unfortunately it'll have to do. Pretty soon you have to go, As yet again I fall for you.
This is your year to leave the nest Your mother cries, Your father cries, Wishing you all the best This is the year you must look after your own health Time to take the claws out and fend for yourself
If only… You had stayed a little bit I could have held your hand Given you a kiss And a proper goodbye. If only…
Inevitable. My fate is inevitable. That last sweet goodbye will cling to my mind like moss to a tree for the rest of my life. Sometimes that moss is so beautiful. The tree's greatest quality.
The colors fade, the leaves they fall A few last notes, the music now Ended But oh! How it soared, How sweet was the song that swelled Within When my love was your all!
(poems go here) Saying goodbye is the hardest thing I have to do. My feelings for you won’t ever change, I just hope you know, I love you too.
Like a wave crashed down The tide pulled my soul My sister so dear Never made it to old The emptiness grows The pain won’t subside The unseen affects When you commit suicide
Dear Anthony, I'd like to set aside order for a moment And what's inadvertently thought of as important To spill my heart on a palette With words left uncalloused Waiting to engrave
Why have you given and then you taketh away? She was here and now she's gone. The warmth still lingering from her last caress. Her laughter only just echoing out of existence.
Started with the bright sunshine staring down at me Waiting for the strong heat to pack on in, so sweet Wind in my face, music blastin’ through the speakerphone Every day chillin' it, never seem to be at home
Going to college and leaving you behind Will not be an easy thing You are the love of my life My first, my last, my everything
Only pictures capture the happiness Of a love that used to be. Frozen in the frame, Torn by shattered glass, And stained with the blood of a broken heart. Deleted from existence.
How do you know for sure this isn't the last time you are going to hold me tight and let me dance on your feet?
It was on an usual August day This story is not easy to say Without getting all teary eyed Knowing it was my last goodbye
I’m honest with you, My loyalty is gold. I stand up for you, I was yours to have and hold. But now, it’s different, Now, I’m hurting ten-fold. The day I committed, The real you showed.
As I’m listening to the rain, As I’m going through this pain, I remember the day, When the world stopped for me.
Close your eyes Feel the breeze Hear the wind In the trees Shed a tear Say goodbye Life is flying Right on by New beginning a fresh start Leaving home Breaks your heart
Your hand holds mine so tightly I think you might crush it But I know we both need it Our hands are an anchor To know we're both there There for each other There forever in each other's hearts
Dear mom, Thank you for your guidance Thank you for your smiles I am sorry for my defiance But why won’t you let me go 1000 miles?
Calm and low the engine hummed, Singing its incessant tune, As they glided down the road, Under the placid moon.
She thought she was invincible 19 and young Invincible to the cops Invincible to the shots Invincible to a drive That took her down a road late one night She ran from the cops,
Linda, I know everything’s going really fast! Just don’t worry about the past, the future’s going to be a blast! Congratulations on graduating! Now it’s time to do some navigating.
you have no reason to stay yet here i am begging you not to leave me here just yet i have no self-control i'm losing it losing you selfishly feeling what i can't
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