The first goodbye

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 09:48 -- Neftee

Please be safe.
Darling a life without you
is a life I don't even want to try to live.
But I will for a little while.
At least untill you retern.
My heart cries,
It cries like a puppy cries for its siblings,
When it is all alone.
Darling I am a broken wanderer at heart.
But you made my heart a home.
Thank you.
Please be safe my love.
I am your man eternally.
You will see many things
you have yet to see,
But i know you will be thinking of me.
I love you, pretty darling,
Now be on your way.
The world is not so big,
Not when hearts are this big.
Not when they love bigger
Then USA to Scotland.
My heart will be with you.
It will follow close behind.
Just blow it a kiss every night.
Be safe my love.
I'll be here when you retern.
I love you.
Now it's your turn to say it.
I love you more.
I'll see you some day soon.


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