A Goodbye and a Promise

Going to college and leaving you behind
Will not be an easy thing
You are the love of my life
My first, my last, my everything

I will be there and you still here
This is the hardest fact for me to grasp
You cannot hold me and wipe away every tear
Our hands will be empty, longing for another to grasp

Our relationship is too strong
Distance cannot come between us
One year is not that long
It just requires a bit of patience

They say it is crazy to find someone so fast
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, I don't really care
They don't support us and think we won't last
But it's only your support I want and you will always be there

I know we can make it and I know we will
I won't let anybody take me from you
This love we have, nobody can kill
A life for me with out involving you? That will not do

We will see each other again very very soon
I will miss you everyday, as much as when I left
You are my sun and I am your moon
And I will love you, my dear, always and foreve


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