Jackson XX


Would you go back to the start with me? Just for tonight, would you erase our history and the things we said and everything we did and became? Would you take tonight with me and pretend we’re meant for each other? The stars are glistening and the night is muggy and calling to us. It’s summer and my heart is breaking. The morning is coming for us both. The sun will bring separation and feelings that just aren’t enough anymore. The dawn will carry gaps that just can’t be bridged and relationships crumbling. But tonight I feel young and infinite. Would you take my hand and smile like you love me? Would you pretend we’re meant for each other? Would you put aside everything we know now and take me back to the beginning? Just for tonight. 



This is so sweet I will go with you just for tonight,even though I don't know you I feel like I've known you forever #rocktheworld_1

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