The Long Road Home

I left my house, a night, now long past

To find myself, out of control, far too fast

I wandered the path, tired and alone

Searching far for the long road home.


The nights, they passed me by

Until my dreams learned to fly

And as the grew my desire dwindled

The long road home, the fire went unkindled


I dallied and I wandered, ever alone and wild

Before my dreams fell along the way, in a heap they piled,

One by one turning to dust, until the way was clear

The long road home, calling my name, was ever-near.


And yet, I did delay, waiting for what, I cannot say

The wind and the waves of time did their best to sway

My heart and my mind to go on

To take my feet to the long road home.


But fear and doubt, always about, did lead me astray

Little did I realize, the years while away

So many passed without notice until one day

The long road home finally swept me away.


Through doors once closed I wandered

And through paths long dead I saundered

Until the path, to me, came clear

The long road home, lead to fear.


The long road home

The journey not taken

Leaves one alone

Sorry and forsaken


In this state, I, myself, did find

And I found at once the chains that bind

My heart and my feet unto this place

The long road home, ends in disgrace

For the people and the place that love once carried

Are no more, for time has not tarried.


Not time, I found , to say farewell

The the place that once held a spell

That kept me warm, and fed for life

And all I gave it was strife.

So, goodbye my love, good bye my dear

It is now far too late I fear.

The Long road home,

I should have taken,

For it was you, you that I have forsaken.



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