To My Desire: A Love Letter Part 6

To my desire,


As I look over these words

that I’ve wasted on you,

I realize that I’m only

causing the forests’ destruction.

Why should I care

if you don’t love me?

You’re nothing but a fool,

a house with no foundation.

I wish to travel backwards

and take away the times

when I

cried for you,

lied for you,

tried for you,

complied for you,

died for you.

I demand that you

return my heart,

for it belongs to me

and only me this time.

I will build the Wall of China around it

and supply it with fine weapons

so the likes of you

cannot penetrate

and damage it further.


So, I bid you adieu,

goodbye and good riddance,

for these Star-Crossed Lovers

were destroyed by the comets.

Like two protons,

we repel each other.

Like left and right brains,

we think differently.

I am a woman of indifference

and you, a man of greed.

I shall cut this chord

that binds us together

and take back my freedom.


One day, I will be loved

but I’ll be damned if it’s by you.

I’ll climb to the top

and thrive on golden sun,

while you suffer

at the bottom





-That One Girl You Thought You Knew





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