The Chronicles of a Broken Heart: Shattered (Part 1)


"I love you" becomes
"It's over"
"Let's move on"
And, the worst,
The world I stood on top of
Caves in,
And falls.
Sweet kisses turn into bitter words
While a lifetime of laughter
Bring Infinite sorrow.
Things that once made me smile
Now make cry
"We'll both be happy," he tells me.
"I want you to move on," he says.
"Two months, you'll forget about me." he believes.
But all I hear is
"You don't make me happy."
"I don't want you anymore"
And,"I never loved you anyway"
Everything I knew feels like a big lie,
And ALL that love becomes subtle resentment.
I fell from heaven into hell,
And it feels like
And More Pain


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