Life is Like a Train

Life is like a train,
It doesn't stop for sun nor rain.
We sit and wait,
Soon we wonder if life's a waste.
As we wonder we start to watch,
We watch the sun go down and the galaxy stretch
We see the dark in the tunnel,
And light in the fields.
As we wonder we ask what is this train about?
Where are we going?When are we stopping?
What are we suppose to do?
The train goes choo choo,
It stops for a while.
Some set off and some get on.
We wave hello with tears as we say goodbye.
We wonder If this is what the train's about.
Why  did it have to take this route?
People get on and people get off,
But the train never stops.
It seems to say,
"You're not meant to stay.
Stay on the train;
I'll bring u home."
At the end of the tunnel,
I'll find my place.
Then I'll finally stay.

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