Letters Let Her


United States
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Dear Anthony,
I'd like to set aside order for a moment
And what's inadvertently thought of as important
To spill my heart on a palette
With words left uncalloused
Waiting to engrave
Using a heavy hand to lead bleeding ink
On a stationary page
Because distance measures feet not heart
And young hearts aren't always torn apart
So I write this letter to express myself better
Because there aren't enough days in the summer
And there aren't enough days in the winter
But there isn't enough time any time
And the days are counting themselves down
So I'll write letters filled with letters to form the words you deserve
Because saying goodbye is always sad
When the next day isn't reassured
But I'll take with me what I've learned
We're as young as the morning comes
And we'll wait from stars to waking suns
We know the lonely are the missed
And feeling empty means you have so much more to give
Because with silence comes sight and to fall is to fly
I want you to remember my words from December
"Because you place in me tunnels so deep
Challenging me to travel to who I want to be"
And even miles away I remember...
How buildings became wallpaper setting the scene
As words were stitiched between you and me
I can take away from my time back home
That I no longer feel alone


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