Memorial for an Atheist

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 12:18 -- KH11

What could possibly be said to comfort those left behind?
Everyone clings to thoughts of their own.
But what would she actually say to those in this moment?
You know she did not agree.
You know she does not consider this better.
What you do not know is that she accepts the inevitable.
She thanks you all for the time, though it was brief.
She loved, leaned, learned, landed, and laughed.
She lived while believing in the comforts of what she trusts.
That those great moments are irreparable, and she is grateful for every one of them.
To live without comforting thoughts
Meant she lived with purpose in the world around her.
Held her temporal existence to a higher standard
Only chose to share with those who loved her,
who she loved in return.
Those should realize their importance in the context of her views
Eternal slumber without alternative destination
is the price I would pay every time
To have lived this life of mine.

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