moving on

There are some things that slowly but surely cease to exist

then there are those things that come to a sudden halt

in my story, I’m just sad to see it stop

but no one was clearly at fault


It happened in a flash although I saw it coming

I didnt want to think of the inevitable

so i just kept pushing those thoughts to a side of my brain

that i never look at unless in the rain


but now I stand wet and cold as a seal

cuz those thoughts, well they shoved and they sneered

cuz I knew it was coming at me the whole time

I just didn't acknowledge the obvious fear


so it’s over, I’m done, and I don’t want to say goodbye

how can I prolong what's to come within time

this overwhelming feeling, I try not to cry

but the stop sign must come at the end of the line

This poem is about: 
My community


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