Thu, 12/12/2013 - 21:11 -- Hsebol
I've had it up to here with relationships gone south
I can no longer stay, you're a toxic taste in my mouth
If you put in for me all I had put in for you
I wouldn't be here, I'd still love you too
I broke my back carrying your dead weight
I was waiting on time but you were always too late
I'm walking on your grave, that I made in my head
Mostly hating myself for the things I never said
I walked on pins and needles so your face wouldn't frown
But you made sure there were too many around
If I should step and blood draw from my skin
It was always my fault, for my skin was too thin
If I told you the truth out love and what seemed right
Then you'd have my head for I said it out of spite
Nothing I can say would make you care about me
You'll never change a thing, you will never truly see
That to be a good person you'd want to give and not take
Go from soul to soul until every bond you will break
I can't say that I don't completely care
But I'm better without it, you can't play fair
Maybe someday you will learn, what we call the golden rule
Of friendship and love, I'm done being your fool


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