Au Revoir


You were wearing a red coat under the blazing heat of the sun that day.

You were running past them, past everything, too.

You were on the phone yelling at someone, probably wondering what you have done.


You were in a restaurant, waiting that next day.

Your eyes were puffy that morning too.

You were staring at your own horizon, still patient for someone to come.


You got the news on one of those days.

You were wailing and screaming and crying too.

You were questioning the man in front of you, asking him how it all began.


You went to my room another day.

You were sobbing and breathing and intaking everything all at once.

You knelt beside my bed, whimpering at the truth that cannot be undone.



The room was silent as you shed your tears.

Too bad I wasn’t there to wipe them off.

And then came the beep, making your hopes all fall.


You were shrieking by the door, calling the doctors to tend me.

I beg deep within me for you to let me go.

I know for myself that I can hold on no more.


They said that it’s too late, that I couldn’t make it.

You were howling at them, at the wall, at everything.

You asked them to save me once more.


I am sorry for the things I’ve said.

I promised to be with you til we’re old, yet here I am-- dead.

I hope you’d have the courage to move on, and perhaps find another.

My love,

It’s hard to leave you that way when I never wanted to.

But I hope you know that things happen for a reason.

And with that, I bade my final farewell to you.



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