Goodbye Ol Friend

Tears sliding down my face,
People stare,
But I don't care.
Dear ol friend,
Left without little goodbye,
Tomorrow being a big day,
Now gone.

A tear falls,
Like the beating of my heart,
For I cannot see you,
You will be gone
For much too long.
You say you will be back,
But until you do,
The tears will fall,
Running down my face,
Hoping one day,
My dear ol friend,
That I will see you again.

The tears never stop,
You left once,
But now you leave again,
To another place
That I cannot be.
Dear ol friend,
Why must to leave us
But maybe return one day?

The tears might stop,
As our lifes begin to change,
People becoming new,
People changing,
For better or for worse.
But ol friend,
I do not want
To bid you ado,
So for now:

Tears fall to the floor,
As quiet as a pin,
For I must say
Goodbye ol friend,
I hope to see
You again one day.


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