A Broken Heart, A Broken Rhyme


The livened blue tinted with gray,

I had no idea what you'd mean to me.

Those eyes so bright caused me to stray,

and my eyes were too hazy to see.

“You're perfect” you softly purred,

and desperately I craved you more.

But minute by minute my vision was blurred

and slowly you were closing the door.

“Please, don't go!” my heart beckoned,

but you left me with a wink of that eye.

I wasn't good enough, I should have reckoned,

but I thought 'just maybe, this time'.


Suddenly all of my time was

devoted to the torturous thoughts of you.

Every rhyme and wasted moment of time

I thought maybe could bring you back to me.

But my poems lost color just as my face did,

and my rhymes died along with my heart.

A piece of me will always be yours,

and you still don't even know it.


But it's three years past that day you went,

and my rhymes are returning to me.

I never would have guessed all the time that I spent

wishing that maybe you'd finally see.

I'll always be the girl whose heart you broke,

and the girl whose green eyes dimmed.

But the blue of your eyes may someday cloak

the tears of another's eyes rimmed.

I hope you find her soon, that lucky one.

You weren't my prince now I see.

Allow yourself to love her as your sun,

If only to give closure to me.


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