Farewell Love


United States
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I’m honest with you,
My loyalty is gold.
I stand up for you,
I was yours to have and hold.
But now, it’s different,
Now, I’m hurting ten-fold.
The day I committed,
The real you showed.

Right at my doorstep
A smile on your face,
Hugs and kisses,
No one could take your place.
The feeling I felt,
I hoped would never melt away.
Now it’s disappeared,
And I’m not here to stay.

I don’t want to leave,
But see, I have to go.
You’re bruising my heart,
And you’re killing me slow.
I have so many marks,
From where you laid your hands,
I thought that you cared,
And I don’t understand.

How you could do this to me,
When I treated you right,
You were number one,
A huge part of my life,
I never guided you wrong,
I thought you were my light.
It’s okay though,
Alone, I’m alright.

I’m better than this,
And I’ll shake how you feel,
I can’t hide forever,
But avoid you I will.
There isn't an us,
That’s the way that it is.
This is goodbye Love,
I need time to heal.


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