Don’t Cry For Me


United States
45° 37' 49.0476" N, 68° 35' 21.1704" W

As I’m listening to the rain,
As I’m going through this pain,
I remember the day,
When the world stopped for me.

So goodbye my dearest friends,
I’m glad to say it’s finally the end,
But as long as there is a way,
Let the skies clear and the sun beam down from above.

Don’t ever ask yourself why,
I never want to change it so don’t even try,
Protect what you truly believe in,
Never be torn down like I was.

So as I fade away,
When I lose everything I wanted to say,
The future changes for the better,
No one needs to know I ever existed.

Just let me lie here finally at peace,
This life I let dry out its lease,
Slightly broken but not apart,
Time ran out farewell.

Leave these Bones to settle alone,
Leave these Bones left unshown,
Needless to say it’s over you see,
But Just Don’t Cry For Me


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