Just So.

I am not a girl

Who loses her head over-

Some boy-

who smiles at her-



You caught me by suprise

An emotional accident, anomaly

I never saw it coming 

The little things just grew-

More and more each day

And yet, its the little things that have stayed

Even when you didn't-

The way you were eager to tell me everything

How you spoke, honestly and unafraid

And that small, crooked grin

That smiled at me-




You took me by surprise again

In the way you left me filled with regret

Its amazing how fast time goes-

There was never enough with you

Now I'm here with just memories

You, long gone and already moved on

Its her you smile at



But a decison had to be made

One not based on emotional whims

I made my choice

Five minutes and

everything those little things had become

was erased. 

Isn't it strange that sometimes,

to keep your head,

you must lose your heart? 


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