Dear Darling, This Is Goodbye.

Dear Darling,


It's been almost a year now,

but your voice is still with me even if you no longer are.

Conversations averted,

eyes meeting from across the room,

never had I felt so close but so far.

A nasty game of cat and mouse,

but I doubt you can hear me now,

we drown out any memory of each other.

The people we call friends,

always seemingly so divided between us,

displeased as we run back to one another.

Our game has yet to really end,

I've begun to doubt it ever will.

Even up to this very day,

I've carried your memory with me still.


Missing you comes in brief moments,

that much I can be thankful for.

Being too thoughtful becomes dangerous,

leaving me always wanting more.

I've managed to hold my own this far,

I never crumbled for you.

If only that were really the case,

as if you never knew.


Dear Darling,

this was for the best for us.

Can't keep living in that sorrow,

a bitter place of mistrust.

Neither of us to blame,

but we put each other to the test.

Hopefully one day we can be friends once more,

put anything we ever had to rest.


That is,

if either of us can forget.

No longer burdening ourselves,

no longer any regret.


Dear Darling,

I'll miss you.

But let's be honest,

it's nothing we can undo.


Regards Eternally,

Your Almost Unrequited Lover

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