Forever Flying

I write this poem

To my grandmother

A sister, a friend,

A wife, A mother


The sweetest being

One could know

An uplifting spirit

If you were low


She wore that smile

Day and night

So kind and loving

Shining bright


Gentle towards

The newest stranger

A moment with her

Was a true life changer


Admiration for her spirit

Compassion for her drive

Our memories and impacts

Will always keep her alive


She was the kindest being

And I will miss her every day

But I Trust In the Lord

And to Him, I pray


Give me faith

That she is at peace

Give all my grief

Gentle release


She has battled 

Her last fight

And with the Lord

She’ll rest at night


And even with

A tear in my eye

I know that this

Is not goodbye


Grandma, I’ll see you in 

The midnight sky

I’ll see you in

Each butterfly


I’ll feel you as 

The sun is rising

I’ll hear your music



I’ll feel your comfort

As I weep

And your protection

As I sleep


You’ve touched and mended

A heart that’s scarred

I guess that’s what makes

This so hard


I will never forget

Your grace and love

Please look down

At me above


I will need you

Every day

But you would want me

To be okay


And even as

My heartstrings tug

I wish I could

Give you one last hug


And even as

I’ll miss you so

I just wanted 

You to know


Peggy, you are truly

Unlike any other

And that is what makes you

The best grandmother

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