Old Friends

From this distance,

The outline of her is only visible.

Time has made a small impact,

But her coldness has caused the gap


I call her name,

Only to see her respond to another.

I reach for her friendship,

Only to be turned away from.


I throw the lasso,

And pull with my might.

It is no use,

I am the older model.


Next to shiny new toys,

I am rust.

Next to diamonds,

I am dust.


They get a real laugh,

I get a forced smile.

I finally get an inch,

They get a mile.


While our friendship goes up in flames,

I stand in the smoke.

And only when she is gone,

A goodbye I can choke.



This poem brought me nearly to tears. It hurts to try so hard and be rejected. It is a sad part of life...but a place that we can get out of too! Very powerful!

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