Hard to say goodbye to you 

But this is the only word, that I can say to you 

After all the happiness and tears with you all along 

A big step in my life that I have to do 


Letting you go away in my life

A broken pieces of my heart that scattered away

The memories that setting on my mind

It never leave, it never fade 


In your deepest heart, you have always known

How hard I really tried, to make us work things well & good

But the time for us doesn’t agreed

Doesn’t fit, doesn’t goes well 


Many decades, I kept you in my heart

We’ve been away, for quite long sometimes

Until the day I saw you again

The fulfilment of my desire, to be with you again


But now, with the tears of blood from my heart

Hard to say goodbye, but I have to do

For you to move on, of what is meant for me

For me to wait of what happiness that belongs to me


Always remember, after all those memories

You’re always in my heart, no matter it will be

Coz you are the one, who show me the meaning of love

But our time is ended, to face our different life


Goodbye my love..... goodbye my love....

Be strong, be brave, be tough

Without me in your life, you will be fine

Until we meet again in another time.  







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