My Dear Mr. Goodbye

My Dear Mr. Goodbye,


I never wanted to let you go,

I never wanted to see you run.

I know that I held on far too long.

I knew when you were already done.


I refused to ever believe

We would leave each other,

Drift apart in ways that

Could break a chained tether.


But I need to let go.

You became an idea,

Not a tangible boy

Meant for this poor mija.


But now I shall call you

My dear Mr. Goodbye,

Because I have left you

Despite my broken cries.


My Dear Mr. Goodbye,

I know now what I need,

And I know that I must

Let my mind become freed.


Freed from all of the heartache, that you

Have wreaked on my very broken soul.

I know this good bye may leave a scar,

But I'm proud of this battle wound's toll.



Your Dear Ms. Goodbye

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