Hi, I hope you’re doing pretty fine dear, I really do,

Time has passed, and I haven’t hear anything about you,

I decided it this way, and I’m not complaining though.


Since the last time I saw you a lot of this has happened,

I haven’t get marry, or got any boyfriends, you know I’m not

Easy to get alone with, even with myself, but I’ve been working on it.


I remember our last conversation, are you awake?  -You said-

And I battled myself to response to that simple question because

I saw it as the beginning and the end of something. We both know

What I choose to do and these words runs it down.


I didn’t want to hurt you but most important I didn’t want to

Hurt me, and that was the end of the road we were driving on.

The surprise gift, we both knew it, and tried to ignore it.

You would never let me go, and I was latching too hard, as I always do

To the things I’m conscious I can’t have.


Maybe you felt abandoned, or maybe you felt released,

Maybe you were happy I left, you were aiming for it,

That idea has been running marathons in my mind for the past months

We haven’t talked, I haven’t seen you. And once again life

Teaches me to do not expect anything from love, it hurts.

As you do know.


I’m sorry, I didn’t want to run away, but I needed it

And know that I got myself back together, I take my cowardice,

My pride and with my heart on my mouth I say Goodbye,

I say goodbye to your beautiful eyes, to the way you used to look at me,

To the sound of your voice, your touch, your thoughts, to the things

I loved about you, but not you because one can never say goodbye to that

Thing we have domesticated.  They remain with you forever.


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