One Last Time


United States
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For a chance to get a glimpse of one of the most significant times in my life, and look into eyes of hazel to recognize an enigma soul. This time to re-call only a few of all my most treasured memories, even say a couple of apologies, then to set them free.

        One last time to let you make me feel a state of serenity in a world full of chaos. To use you as a source of bliss and desire. Even get overwhelmed with being so close to what should have been a lifetime. Just pretending that the existence of any thing doesn’t exist. Set on one vision that I craved so badly that it was the only thing worth fighting for. No excuse as to why you were never loved as greatly as you deserve. Still wanting to conquer the world by your side, though it’s not our time. Clinging to you as if you were the source of life that burns in me and must be cautiously guarded. A last time to feel like I’m once again your Annie Laurie. The time to want nothing more than to open your eyes to see all the things that make you remarkable, and appreciate the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

        One last time to wrap around my safe place, and feel as if I can keep you far from misery. Yet when I look through your eyes, I am your misery. Your heartache. The very two things I wanted to keep you away from. Intensions not set to break you, but to build you. This time Jeremy to whisper i love you into your ear, but meant for your heart.

        One last time to hold you close. Just to let you go.


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