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Why have you given and then you taketh away?
She was here and now she's gone.
The warmth still lingering from her last caress.
Her laughter only just echoing out of existence.
This necklace she gave serves as a reminder of what has transpired this very night.
That she was here;
That she lived in the moment with those of us who loved and cared for her.
The sorrow weighs heavily upon my chest as much as it does for everyone,
But no one there loved her the way that I did.
She was mine and I was hers,
But sadly once more our time together has ended;
My happiness now faded.
I guess I must wait till we meet again....
In the words of Shakespeare "Parting is such sweet sorrow,"
The man doesn't realize how right he was.
Yes, it is sad,
Yet I know now that there is only one thing left to do,
I must bid you adieu...

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