Stuck in a Pit

My heart left where we would meet

Like the August leaves, we’d roam freely

No refuge left in my mind

What have I done to become so blind?


This silence breaks into me like an endless fire

No words left to make my desire

Suffocate me with your bitter vial

Give me what I can’t hold

I’m stuck in denial


Generate emotions out of thin air

Condense words to show that you care

These lucid memories will be the heir

Of the love lost that we both shared


We’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places

Trying to erase all the past traces

Of a place that we used to call home

Heart growing heavy, when did it turn to stone?


I’m stuck in a pit please let me out

I’ve gone away please don’t pout

Stray away, don’t you shout

Stranded alone, hear me call you out.


I must assume that you’re long gone

Purify my sins of all that I’ve done wrong

Asserting to deadly flaws

You were the one that I first saw


Hold me in and forever I’ll stay

Let me go and I’ll fall astray

Call me home into the bitter hours of dawn

Don’t let me go

Don’t let me go


Broken bind turn to broken spine

Broken thoughts turn to broken hearts

Broken emotions left where we would meet

Please don’t leave

Please don’t leave


Will your dreams be the same as mine?

Will our paths ever intertwine?

Is this goodbye?

Is this goodbye?

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