Transition to Adulthood

I wasn't prepared for this

I wasn't prepared to have to grow up so fast

Being 18 and not even knowing how to drive has taken a toll on me

Being 18 and not even knowing how to be confident and independent has angered me

I feel like I'm alone in this new transition

I feel like I don't have the support emotionally and physically

School never taught me how to do or pay taxes

School never taught me how to apply for jobs

I wish I didn't feel so much stress

I wish I didn't feel like this before college starts

Still applying for college in the summer..way past due

Still applying for scholarships..that I haven't won yet

Why does everything feel so complicated?

Maybe because I'm transitioning to adulthood

I don't even feel like an adult

I feel like a kid and yet I still look like one

My parents have taken care of me all my life

My independence has failed me as I am stuck in this phase

I want to be happy with my life

I want to work hard and build myself up to be strong and successful

Until then, I need to work on the NOW as I transition into adulthood





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