Funny, isn't it?

How the more the days pass by, the heavier your essence weighs on my shoulders?

I shut my eyes and see you,

Feel you,

Sense every aspect of you,

Even though you and I haven't shared a continent in over a year.

I believe they call this irony,

The fact that this does not mean I miss you.


You and I had a beautiful life,

Shared love, beauty, laughs, tears,

It was always you and I against the world,

Until it was you against I


I wish I could say i regret every bit of us,

But I don't.

Neither do i regret the death of us,

Because darling, when something has as much life as we did,

Coupled with as much toxins as we splashed in our relationship,

That thing's death is bound to be fast,

And brutal.


I am not sorry that we had to say goodbye,

I am just very sad to understand that we had to.

The moment I placed that rock on your finger,

I knew I couldn't live without you.

And now that that's off,

I walk and breathe,

I laugh and cry,

I smoke and drink... and shag,

But I don't live.


But that's OK because you do,

You and yours.

Maybe one of these days I'll see a bump on your tummy,

And it'll kill me to know i didn't put it there,

But the smile on your face will reach me beyond the grave,

And whisper in my ear,

"One of you had to be happy pal."



You will always be the greatest mistake of my life,

That i will never regret making.

I will probably never let you go,

But i will never want you back.

You touched me in ways so sweet,

So sour,

So smooth,

So rough,

I will always want more and less of you forever.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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