the carvings in our backs


almost fell face-forward had they not held us back,

crying because it hurt and made our bodies ache,

couldn’t keep ourselves upright and our backs felt like they were breaking.

they tried to hold us in place to keep us from moving the wrong way,

the weight on our backs damaged a few ribs,

but they fixed each as if it was their own heart;

felt as if our shoulders had been carved with blades,

unbelievable amounts of pain with every step we had to take,

feared falling on our backs because they were already so tender.

I almost did fall back,

but someone caught me and put me back in place

before any of the other kids could notice I fell out of line with the rest.


each step felt as though we were walking towards Hell itself

yet they kept our path lit and never left our sides.


finally reaching the end of our years,

all we found was the remnants of the pain we went through

our Guardian Angels had taken our pain and misery,

creating and carving our own wings onto our very backs


these wings will never be clipped

nor could they ever have been created on their own.

thought we would just walk away from this place with our memories,

but now we have the ability to use these wings and soar,

to carry ourselves with the wind

and follow our own paths,

all because they didn’t stop creating even when we started crying.


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