High School Senior


United States
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Eighteen years, wow, it's almost here
The moment we have looked forward to all our lives
So close that we can reach it with the tips of our fingers
Apprehensive, yet excited, we're starting our lives soon
Each day is a closer day; the smell of our future is in the air
It seems like just yesterday we were taking our first steps
Our first day of elementary, middle, and high school
Now we're at the top of the chain
I say "graduation" and chills go up my spine
It's been a figure of my imagination so long,
Is this really happening?
I look up and see a white cap and gown placed in my hands
And I get ready to make one important walk across a stage
My mom expresses great joy for me, being very proud of her daughter
But in the inside she knows I'll be missed,
And I know she will be missed
Like a mama bird that watches her young ones fly away, it is now my turn
My turn to spread my wings and take on the challenges of this world
But just like the instinct of the baby bird,
I will never forget where my place called home is
Me in white, my brother in purple, we head off
To the start of the rest of our lives
We wait patiently as "class of 2014" is announced
One by one, steps are taken, hands are shaken, diplomas are received,
Caps are thrown in the air, and achievement is read all over our smiles
This isn't the end
New friends will be made, close ones will always be here, and closed doors...
Will be opened
This isn't the end
But the start to the rest of our lives


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