Forgiving and Forgetting

This had always been the plan

Erasing every last memory

No one would remember

Except for those who chose

To remember everything


You can’t stop people from


What they don’t want to


You had told me,
“I won’t forget you

Not even if the world
Wants me to.”

For now, I need you to forget

Anything you know about me

The pain will then ebb away
From your tear-stained face


I live within a completely different world

When two worlds collide

Nothing good comes from it

So I’ll return to my world

As long as you forget about me


The family I’ve built will fade

Like an early morning fog

It will be as if I never existed


Please forgive me

For this world is cold and unforgiving

But as long as you keep going

I’m sure that you will live well


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