Thu, 08/28/2014 - 11:50 -- AndyD


                             Knowing  that 

                 Time Flys in the blink of a Eye

                             No Going Back

             Decide I gotta give It My best Try

          Plateauing Profound thoughts Impact

      Goals are Finalized -  No more getting High

                  Owning transcendental Fact

          I kindly Realized. That I am that Guy

                 Showing kids how to Act

  Follow new Guidelines Less depressed and Shy

     Growing we learn and teach how to Interact

          Not Condoning  how one is to React

    Don't be Surprised if you ever see an Angel Fly

             Glowing with passion I Attract

Brilliants Devised into creativity gving me My Shine

             Flowing  Mind & Body Aligned  Exact  

This Justifies 'hypothetically' where I'll be when I Die

             Forgoing antagonistic Abstract

Affirm My Demise  I diffract and propel into the Sky

             Bestowing the Tree of life'  I Extract

  Peacefully as I Rise  "To those I love"  I say My last 




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