Miles Out of Reach

Even flowers that give the sweetest scent

Must one day wither away.

But will you remember how strong they stood

Before their ultimate decay?


The future seems full of many days

No way to be caught off guard.

Everyone knows time moves too fast

But who knew goodbye would be this hard?


Because wasn't it just yesterday

That the past was so brand new?

Confronting struggles and challenges

Wondering if we'd make it through.


The words that held a ton of weight

The smiles we couldn't stop showing.

Didn't someone tell us then

That it's all a part of growing?


Growing up and forgetting

The feelings we once both felt.

Growing up and wishing

More good times could be dealt.


Like when you reached out to hold my hand

And kiss me on the cheek.

The closeness that we both still crave

Now miles out of reach.


I don't know how to say goodbye

Or how to stop my heart from pounding.

The tears don't fall until all at once

It's almost like I'm drowning.


I'll miss us laughing together

As we'd sit down by the pond.

Maybe one day I'll call you up

And pray to God you respond.


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