Ready for Graduation: This is Our Time


This is our time.

This is our year.

We have nothing left to fear.

This is our chance.

To show the world.

What we’ve been fighting for.


This is our chance.

We get to shine.

Rise up to the bright blue sky.

Our hometown.

Will be so proud.

Of how we all turned out.


We showed them.

What they thought they’d never see.

They see you.

They see me.

And what we've grown up to be.


We met our goals.

Went through highs and lows.

But we’re not stopping here.

We still have so far to go.

And plenty of room to grow.


We may be moving.

We may be leaving.

And I know that we’re changing.

But we still have our roots.

We still have our home.

And we’ll always have memories.


We’ll still have our friends.

Keep them close to our hearts.

Remember where it all starts.

Keep our feet on the ground.

And our heads in the clouds.

Keep dreaming of what makes us proud.


Look at where we are.

Look at where we’ll be.

And look at who we’ve turned out to be.

You’ll always be you.

And I’ll always be me.

But look out world we’re finally free.


This is our time.

This is our chance.

To take that first step out to dance.

Out in the rain.

Out in the sun.

Either way we’ll still have fun.


We’ll be the brightest stars in the sky.

We’ll stand out and we’ll shine.

I know that you can’t deny.

This is our time.

This is our chance.

Now we can finally dance.


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