If you disappeared...

I wish I could say:
My world stopped,

Everything frozen.

Refusing to move

To accept impossible truth


I wish I could say:

I’d run after you,

Grabbing hold

As you leave,

Without reason or goodbye


I wish I could say:

I’d be honest.

Letting tears and rage

Biting down pride

For my own humanity


But you and I know

Reality is not sweet

Never as beautiful

Jagged edges slice

Shattering into pieces


Nothing leaving my mouth

Could ever show

What I’m truly feeling

Years of hiding

Have taught me well….


I’d tell you:

Thank you

For the time spent

Life that was shared

However long, or short


I’d tell you:

To not worry about me,
Life keeps moving.

We’re still a part of,

The world that turns on


I’d tell you:

The best parting gift

Live well, be happy,

Create new memories,

As you remember ours

This poem is about: 
My community


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