Used to be

Sun, 02/22/2015 - 23:58 -- Monai

There is so much more to this than the outside eye can see

No one could ever understand just how much you actually mean to me

It was you that I ran to those cold late nights

It was you that wiped away the tears & held me through those difficult times

It was me that pushed you to where you are now

It was me that always believed in you & still believes in you some how

It's hard to say goodbye to your bestfriend

Cause honestly we both knew this is the final end

The idea of looking in my corner & not seeing you there sickens me

At the end of the day thats the ways that it has to be

Emotional dpendency is decreasing, the late night diary phone calls are ending

The brick wall is building and the trusts is decending

Never did I imagine it would ever come to this

At least I'll still to enjoy the memories & dreams where we continue to exist in sweet bliss


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