Longing For Someone Like You

Stare away into the mist

The haunting silence 
Takes away all the bliss

What do I need to do?
I don’t want to keep craving
Longing for someone like you

Venom trickles upon my skin
The absence of your touch
Is making me wince

Hold me in just by a thread
Tie it into a noose
And hang me up instead

Wring out my sweet, my blood, and tears
Take away all the memories
I’m no longer here

Douse me with your broken promise
Cynical lies
Were you ever honest?

Tell me what I need to do
I don’t want to keep craving
Longing for someone like you

Hold me in, don’t let me loose
Suffocate all of what’s inside
I’m no longer of use

So tell me what I need to do
I cannot cope 
Longing when there is no longer hope

Just tell me why
I plead, I yell, I cry
You hide emotions hidden under a disguise

Infected darts 
Striking so cruel it poisons the heart
All I am left is with my soul torn apart

All I need is for you to keep trying 
Hold my hand so each day I’ll keep craving
Longing to be with someone like you

I’ve done what is needed
The emotions for you have depleted
No longer will I be longing…

For someone like you


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