There Once Was A Girl



There once was a girl who had the world wrapped around her finger tips.

She was a beauty, a goddess in fact. 

Earth was her thrown. She had opportunities all around her

One heart breaking phone call disrupted it all 

Now she’s falling... drifting away from reality… She’s depressed now. No where to turn…

Love ones surround her trying to pick her back up…she won’t let them.

She turns her head and breaks down mentally…

Her closest friends and family is hurting inside also 

They try to give her their strength, but her sadness won’t let her thrive again 

She’s trapped in a dark vortex...

No where to run...

No one to love

No one to comfort her…

Little does she know is that she’s still a beauty, a goddess in fact

Earth is her thrown, and she has it wrapped around her finger tips.

She is a beautiful individual, with life waiting patiently for her to jump back in the groove once again

She is my buttercup, my very best friend. <3



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